Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below the answers to our most frequently asked Stage Parties questions. If you still need help or would like answers to other Stage Academy questions simply click the help icon in the bottom right of your browser.

Stage Parties represent amazing value in comparison to our closest competition, a one hour party costs just £120.

Subsequent hours are charged at £60 per hour and are a great choice for parents who would like their leader to stay to assist with refreshments, cake and some additional party games to finish. Please note that the maximum length of a Stage Party is two hours.

Parties taking place outside the M25 are subject to an additional £10 charge per party.

A Stage Party is an interactive adventure that uses the power of drama and the imagination to surprise and delight party guests. Our leaders use games, improvisation, storytelling, singing, dancing and so much more to grab the children’s attention and keep them engaged with the story for the whole party.

The exact contents of the party will vary depending on the theme chosen, child’s age, likes and dislikes. This is why your party leader will make contact with you prior to the big day to find out more about your child and their friends, ensuring that the party is tailored to their needs.

  • Your Stage Parties leader – they will arrive 30 minutes prior to the party entertainment start time to introduce themselves, get in costume, set up and welcome the party guests with name stickers and welcome music. They will then remain for the duration of your party booking.
  • Name stickers – a special, customised Stage Parties name sticker for every child (we will ask you for a list of party guests a few days before).
  • Certificate – a fabulous named certificate for the birthday child and all of their guests to commemorate an amazing day.
  • Invitations – we will send special Stage Parties invitations to your home address which you can pass on to your child’s friends to invite them to the big day.
  • An appearance from Stage Academy Sammy – Stage Academy Sammy our loveable mascot puppet will make a special appearance at the party too!

Please remember that while we take care of the entertainment, booking of the party venue and party catering is the responsibility of the parent, although we are happy to advise.

Whilst we take care of the party entertainment there are a few things we need you as the parent to provide, this includes;

  • Venue – this needs to be a relatively large, safe, open space appropriate for high energy party activities.
  • Catering – if you would like to have food at the party we regret that we are unable to provide this, but we are happy to advise. We always recommend that refreshments be kept away from the party room until the entertainment is finished to avoid distractions or choking hazards.
  • Decorations – it is up to you if you would like to decorate the party venue, please remember to leave the flood space clear, this includes balloons which can pop and become a choking hazard and toys which can cause trips and falls.

Please kindly abide by the recommendations above, we can not be held responsible for any issues with the party arising from these recommendations not being followed. If you have any questions just let us know when you book.

The ideal party venue is a nice open space like a church hall, community centre or dance studio. If there is a second room to keep the food and parents in then the party will be even more fun as this will help to eliminate distractions for the children while they are engaging with your Stage Parties leader.

As a general rule, the party space should be at least 8 square meters however if the party group is small a slightly smaller space may suffice, equally a group of 25 may need a slightly larger space. Please get in touch as we are happy to advise on whether a venue will be appropriate. We do advise that you ensure you can secure your venue before booking your party with us.

Stage Parties leaders are some of our very best, brightest and most experienced teachers. They love working with this age group and simply can’t wait to make your child’s birthday the best ever.

You can also rest assured that our party leaders undergo an enhanced DBS (formally CRB) check, reference checks and rigorous training to work for us.

The maximum number of children at a Stage Party is 25. This is to ensure the most successful and enjoyable party where all children have the chance to engage and take part fully.

Please kindly abide by the maximum number of children above, we can not be held responsible for any issues with the party arising from an overcapacity party.

If you haven’t yet booked your party, or we haven’t confirmed who your party leader will be, then get in touch with the team on the details below.

If the details of your party leader have been confirmed then please get in touch with them directly as they are best placed to help you with your party planning needs.

We will confirm your party leader as soon as possible so if you have questions about the content of the party of the day or want to chat about your child’s likes and dislikes then please wait until we have sent you their contact details, they will be more than happy to discuss your child’s big day!

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