Party Themes

Our exciting and captivating party themes are designed specially to deliver the most fun per minute of any children’s party out there. We put the emphasis on quality over quantity when it comes to our theme selection.

Superhero HQ: Rescue Mission

Calling all Superheroes. Superhero HQ has an important rescue mission and needs your help. The Superhero HQ team have gone missing and we need the birthday party children to choose their superpowers, train up and head out on a thrilling rescue mission to save the day. It promises to be the most super fun party of the year!

Wacky World Tour

Your child and their friends will be going on an EPIC adventure led by world renowned explorer Wilfred Winnipeg. But will they make it around the world in time to become the most famous explorers in the world?

With this party, your child will be enthralled from start to finish on their journey of discovery!

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time in the enchanted library a birthday child and their friends came across the infamous ancient book of fairy tales. Hidden within it’s pages were tales of knights, princesses, wizards, giants, beanstalks and broomsticks. Little did they know that those tales were about to come to life.

It’s the most magical children’s party in the world – book your child’s adventure to the enchanted library today.

Mission Through The Milky Way

Prepare for lift off in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

In this out of this world party your child and their friends will be whisked away on a high energy mission through the milky way. First they will be put through their paces is astronaut training before blasting off to save the universe from the Silly Space Scientist who has plans to steal Planet Earth!

Journey To Adventure Island

Compass? Check. Treasure map? Check. Amazing adventure? Check!

For this party its time to get your exploring boots at the ready as we take the children on an incredible journey to adventure island where they will search for the long lost Golden Monkey.

Mr Fantastico's Circus School

Mr Fantastico has the most famous circus in the world! With hilarious clowns, majestic lions and awesome acrobats people flock from all over the world to see his spectacular show.

But there is a problem, the clown has lost his laugh, the lion has lost his raw and the acrobats have lost their confidence. Will the boys and girls be able to step in, train up and put on the most amazing circus show in history? We will find out at the party!

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