Consistency is key when it comes the performing arts nurturing individual performers and allowing their creativity and confidence to blossom. All Stage Academy classes follow the same tailor made curriculum to achieve success.

Each session at Stage Academy starts with warmup and welcome where our students energise their bodies with a physical warm up, focus their minds with teamwork activities, prepare their voices with a vocal warm up and get ready for the classes ahead. They then have four industry professional classes covering acting, singing, dancing and finally a specialist module which changes each term. Each Stage Academy session lasts 135 minutes and incorporates all of the above making our curriculum fast moving, fun and engaging. Every student starts with warm up and welcome for the first quarter of an hour before experiencing their other four half hour long classes which may be in a different order to those shown below depending on their age group and current academy projects. We don’t like to waste time at Stage Academy which is why we all warm up first so our classes can be about getting straight to work on improving your children’s skills and moving on to the next subject before boredom has even a chance of creeping in.

Stage Academy is not a franchise – this means you can expect to find our high quality curriculum implemented brilliantly at every Stage Academy venue.

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Warmup and welcome

Crucial to a performers’ success is their ability to prepare physically and mentally for their performance while being a fantastic team player. This is why Warmup and Welcome is an essential part of every Stage Academy class.

During the first 15 minutes of the Stage Academy day, the whole team takes part in a physical and vocal warmup, fun icebreaker games to introduce our new Stage Academy Stars to their fellow students and teachers as well as teamwork activities to focus the mind.

It is then time to head off with our industry professional teaching team to experience their four key Stage Academy classes.


The foundation of performance, acting is used within all areas of the performing arts. We instil the importance of using skills learned in this class throughout Stage Academy to bring performances to life with confident creativity and fun. Key areas covered in our acting classes include:

  • Movement, physicality and body language
  • Improvisation and thinking outside of the box
  • Character development and storytelling
  • Use of pitch, intonation, pace and vocal skills
  • Trust and teamwork
  • Scripts work and acting techniques


Singing boosts confidence, broadens communication skills, improves posture and brings joy. We love singing at Stage Academy and support our students whether they are brand new to the subject or have been singing loud and proud for years. Areas we cover within our singing tuition include:

  • Vocal projection, quality and tone using safe and secure vocal technique
  • Confidence within group and solo singing situations in a range of styles
  • Developing a safe and natural vibrato
  • Harmony and melody
  • Microphone technique


We aim to make our dance classes fun and accessible to all of our students whatever their existing ability may be. Those from a dance background can look forward to having their technique refined, learning to implement dance into a wider performance setting, exploring choreographic principles and perfecting their performance. Students new to the world of dance can be assured of a welcoming environment that nurtures new talent as they are introduced to a range of dance styles, shown how to incorporate their acting skills into set choreography and supported as they explore their balance, alignment and flexibility. Throughout our dance classes we cover:

  • A wide range of techniques, styles and choreography
  • Expression through movement
  • Corner work, rhythm and coordination


Unique to Stage Academy our succeed class is all about giving our students the expertise and skills they need to stand out from the crowd. Every term the focus of this class will change equipping our students with industry leading knowledge as they go. Examples of succeed subjects your child may experience include:

  • Acting for camera
  • Audition technique
  • Stage combat
  • Triple threat performance
  • Comedy
  • Mime
  • Devising and improvising

Your Stage Academy principal will keep you up to date with the exciting subjects that are covered each term in their weekly emails.

Educational Framework

Backing up our class structure is an educational framework that ensures quality and consistency across all Stage Academy venues. Our industry professional teaching staff work to set learning objectives for each term and age group ensuring classes are geared towards maximum success for every student whilst giving our staff creative freedom to deliver the very best classes in the business. Which after all is why we commit to hiring the best people.

Adhering to the Stage Academy Educational Framework also means regular reporting to parents with a total of three reports each year comprised of two end of term reports and one yearly Stage Academy Stars report ensuring you are fully informed about your child’s achievements.

The Stage Academy Day

How exactly do we break down a day at Stage Academy? Let us show you.

Focusing and energising our students for the weeks classes.

Working on acting, the foundation of performance, with a new and exciting challenge every week to keep our students stimulated and engaged.

Professional vocal techniques, fun ensemble numbers and solo singing confidence.

Fast moving technique and routines encompassing a variety of styles for a well rounded training.

Unique to Stage Academy, our succeed module is different every term, it’s what really sets our students apart from the crowd. From tap to acting for camera and improvisation to musical theatre, our training has it all.

Stage Academy doesn’t stop outside of class time, we keep our parents up to date with weekly emails about academy activities, offer regular written and verbal feedback from your Stage Academy principal and break up our curriculum with valuable milestones such as live performances and LAMDA exams. Speak to the team on 0800 808 5327 for more details on how our unique and exciting curriculum can benefit your child.

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