Imaginative, expressive fun for 4-6s

Fabulous fun and courageous confidence

Stage Academy Jrs. is an exciting, high energy class combining fun drama activities and games, singing, dancing and the power of imagination into one life changing experience that will help your child to make new friends, express their individuality and prepare them for the adventures and challenges of growing up.

Whether your child is already a bundle of confidence or an inquisitive observer just waiting to come out of their shell, our industry leading teaching team helps every child to explore and grasp their full potential. All of our teachers have trained at renowned performing arts schools or have years of theatrical experience (or both!) so they’re fully equipped to help your child get the most out of our classes.

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Inspiring Adventures

Each term at Stage Academy explores an exciting theme, like training in circus school or discovering the fairy tales hidden in an enchanted library through the eyes of Sammy.

Sammy is 5 and a half year old and loves going on adventures using only the power of imagination. It’s amazing what Sammy imagines. One moment Sammy’s rescuing cities from disaster with superhero friends, the next exploring the wacky world by hot air balloon with renowned explorer Wilfred Winnipegg and sometimes on out of this world on missions through the magical Milky Way.

Our themes are made up of original content with songs, poems and an imaginative script for our termly show written by industry professionals specifically for the Stage Academy Jrs age group. This ensures our classes stay age appropriate and are geared entirely towards unlocking your child’s true potential.

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This Terms Theme - Autumn 2023

Captain Crossbones is on a mission to find the famous Golden Monkey, it’s up the The Stage Academy Jrs children to stop him and save Adventure Island! They will dance the “Monkey Mash” sing the “Island Life” song, learn poems and discover incredible characters on this epic adventure into the unknown. It’s all happening in the Autumn Term for our Stage Academy Jrs!

Consistent Creative Curriculum

Consistency is key when it comes to engaging young children in a new activity and allowing their creativity and confidence to blossom. All Stage Academy Jrs classes follow the same formula for success.

Our classes are split into four distinct learning experiences taking up roughly a quarter of each class.

Focus, Energise, Amaze and Explore

This core class framework along with our “Weekly Word”, Stage Academy Stars awards, inspiring themes and world class teachers make Stage Academy Jrs an incredible learning experience for 4-6s.

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Brilliant Benefits

Stage Academy Jrs is more than just a class – it is a life changing experience. It is all about setting your child up for the best start possible, whether that be in life or the performing arts. In this age group however classes are all about having fun and building essential life skills – there is no pressure here.

Being a Stage Academy Star is all about having fabulous fun whist building;

Self-confidence, Teamwork skills, Amibiton and Responsibility

Once your child has built a solid foundation for success at Stage Academy Jrs they will be ready to move on to a Stage Academy Main School for ages 6 to 18 where they can enjoy and benefit from our world class part time performing arts tuition.

We would love to speak to you more about how Stage Academy Jrs could benefit your child as an individual so please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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Fees and Membership

Central to the ethos of Stage Academy is being affordable and offering great value to our parents, we know being a parent can be an expensive job and we never see our parents as an open wallet! As such all Stage Academy classes are paid for by an easy monthly membership payment. Stage Academy Jrs classes cost just £55 per month during the week or £65 per month on a weekend (when our classes are longer) with a one off joining fee of £15. This includes everything you need – even your child’s first Stage Academy Jrs T-Shirt. Better yet there is a 25% discount for siblings and a completely free trial class for all! Click the button below for more details on Stage Academy Jrs membership.

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Ayse, Stage Academy Parent

"Our experience with Stage Academy has exceeded all our expectations. The professionalism is exceptional and consistent. Our daughter has achieved lots already and we’re only just getting started. The themes are brilliant. The materials provided are a great conversation starter."

Helena, Stage Academy Parent

"It has been a great experience. The children seem to really enjoy the activities and the communication with parents is brilliant."

Audrey, Stage Academy Parent

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for this mornings session with Sophie. My daughter Evie absolutely loved it! She was so engaged throughout and thought Sophie was great. We really appreciate the opportunity for Evie to take part."

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