Membership Fees

We want to keep our fees simple and affordable, we know being a parent can be an expensive job and we never see our parents as an open wallet. All Stage Academy classes are paid for by an easy monthly membership payment. We have tried to make things as straightforward as possible for our parents but as always if you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

The following membership fees relate to Stage Academy Jrs classes, for our Main School fees click here.

How it works

  • One monthly membership fee that covers your weekly class, Stage Academy Stars reports and ongoing class materials.
  • Membership fees are paid monthly, on the date your first sign up, in advance by your choice of credit or debit card.
  • There is a one-off joining fee of £12 when your child signs up to get them all the kit they need!
  • Membership fees are paid every month regardless of wether term is in session, this way we can spread the cost of your child's classes making the monthly payment more affordable.
  • Give us at least one membership months notice if you need to leave, we will work out the rest.
  • It's that easy!

What it costs

Weekend Classes

£65 per month

Action packed 90 minute class

Making the most of the weekend

39 weeks of the year

Small class sizes

25% sibling discount available

Weekday Classes

£55 per month

Action packed 60 minute class

Just right for after school

36 weeks of the year

Small class sizes

25% sibling discount available


A fantastic weekly class, weekly stickers, specially written scripts, industry leading teachers and so much more.

We are thrilled to be able to offer a sibling discount to parents who have multiple children attending Stage Academy classes at the same time. One child will always pay the full price and any subsequent children will receive a 25% discount. Please make sure you tell us about the sibling relationship before starting your membership. See our terms and conditions or get in touch for further details.

We spread out the cost of our classes into affordable monthly payments in order to make them accessible for as many families as possible. We do this by taking the cost of a full 12 months of classes and diving this into your monthly payments. As such equal payments are due every month. Don’t worry – if ever needed to leave Stage Academy for whatever reason, following your one membership month’s notice, we will make sure that you have only paid for the classes you had the opportunity to receive.

We are sure that your child will love their Stage Academy classes term after term, however, we understand that sometimes you and your child may decide to move on. We just ask that you give us at least one membership months notice if you need to leave, we will work out the rest.

For the avoidance of doubt, a membership month runs from the date you originally signed up for a Stage Academy membership so for example if you gave us notice to cancel your membership on 10th September 2020 and you originally signed up on 20th January 2020 then your membership would come to an end on 19th October 2020.

Absolutely! In fact, we insist. If your child is brand new to Stage Academy their first class will always be a completely free trial, we are confident that they will love Stage Academy Jrs but it is important to us that you are your child get the chance to try before you buy. Click here to book your free trial today!

If you are going to miss a Stage Academy class please let your principal know as soon as possible.

When a student enrols in a Stage Academy school their membership saves their space in class exclusively for them, no other student can take their place while they hold membership and furthermore Stage Academy sessions are designed for regular attendance. Therefore refunds or additional classes can not be given for missed classes under any circumstances.

We encourage students to attend their Stage Academy classes every week to maximise their progress and support the rest of the students in their Stage Academy team – team work and consistency is vital to the ethos of Stage Academy.

New to Stage Academy?

We offer every child a completely free trial class