At Stage Academy we are proud to provide LAMDA exams, qualifications and teaching alongside our unique and exciting curriculum.

LAMDA is one of the UK’s oldest and most respected awarding bodies. They have been offering practical examinations in communication and performance subjects for over 130 years. In this time, their qualifications have helped hundreds of thousands of candidates of all ages and abilities to develop lifelong skills.

LAMDA exams are about achievement – recognising and rewarding the endeavours of each individual – but they are also about empowerment. Their ultimate aim is to provide all people with the opportunity to develop the life skills they need to be a success: attributes such as self-confidence and the ability to communicate clearly and present ideas.

At Stage Academy we feel that the ethos of LAMDA exams perfectly compliment our mission to encourage the STARS of tomorrow with self-confidence, teamwork, ambition and responsibility to be successful in everything they do!

LAMDA Examinations

Group exams included

Once a year all Stage Academy 6-18 students will have the opportunity to take part in a group LAMDA exam as part of their weekly Stage Academy class. Group exams allow students and parents to track their achievements without the pressure of a one-to-one setting so are a perfect starting point for our students.

solo examination success

Beyond the included group LAMDA exams our students can choose to take part in solo examinations and qualifications in addition to their studies at Stage Academy. These examinations can be taken on site with us as we are a registered private centre for LAMDA examinations. You could also choose to enter your child for one-to-one tuition with our industry professional teachers in order to prepare.

registered private examination centre

As a registered private centre for LAMDA exams we can facilities LAMDA exams and qualifications for our students in the comfort of their own Stage Academy school making exam day far less daunting. LAMDA exams will take place at each Stage Academy 6-18s venue at least once per year.

LAMDA Teaching

group work in our curriculum

Our teachers are well versed and experienced in the LAMDA syllabus. Once per year they prepare group pieces ready for an included LAMDA group examination ensuring students are prepared and confidence ready to succeed and more importantly enjoy the process too!

one to one teaching available 

One-to-one tuition is available in addition to regular Stage Academy classes in order to prepare students for LAMDA success. This could take place at your Stage Academy venue or at home with one of our industry professional teachers at a time to suit you. Simply speak to your Stage Academy principal for more details.

New to Stage Academy?

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