Stage Academy Jrs is more than just a class – it is a life changing experience. It is all about setting your child up for the best start possible, whether that be in life or the performing arts. In this age group however classes are all about having fun and building essential life skills – there is no pressure here.

Your children will benefit from increased self-confidence, refined teamwork skills, improved ambition and a feeling of responsibility. All fantastic skills that can be applied to life in or out of the performing arts. Armed with these special skills they will be ready to soar in their school and home lives too.

As a parent choosing Stage Academy Jrs over other drama classes gives you peace of mind due to our thorough and robust procedures concerned with keeping your child safe, thorough insight into your child’s progress through our Stage Academy Stars reporting and fantastic value due to our transparent and fair fees.

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being stage academy stars

The Stage Academy Stars inform everything that we do at Stage Academy Jrs to bring out the very best in your child. Every week we use the power of drama to develop these skills whilst most importantly having fantastic fun. Our aim is that your child wants to come to the class because they have a brilliant time, this allows the skills we are exploring to develop naturally. As well as our five core Stage Academy Stars we work to improve your child’s imaginationcreativitypublic speakingreading and writing skills to name just a few.


We develop the confidence to perform to the best of our ability whilst remembering we can only ever be expected to try our best.

We learn how we can transfer this confidence into real life situations empowering us to do brilliantly at home, school and Stage Academy Jrs!


We learn the importance of teamwork to do a brilliant job, using everyone’s strengths to the benefit of the team.

We learn the communication skills, patience, and concentration required to work as an effective team culminating in our brilliant end of term performance.


Ambition is key at Stage Academy. Whether it be the ambition to speak solo in front of the class, the ambition to pursue performing further or even the ambition to become the next big business tycoon. Our classes and teachers are all about supporting your child to reach their full potential both in and out of the Stage Academy Jrs classroom.


We learn that we all have a responsibility to ensure we have a successful class every week. Concentrating on instructions, working safely and sensibly.

We develop leadership skills, a sense of ownership of the task in hand and equip your child to be ready for whatever life has to throw at them both in the short term at school and in the long term too.

Everyone has equal responsibility for an amazing performance on stage or screen so it is a crucial skill for professional performers.


Success comes in many forms. Our teachers are always considering short and long term goals for your child to make sure they can enjoy the success our classes are designed to bring. For some children, success could be as simple as saying solo words in front of the mums and dads for the first time, for others success may be nailing that big solo singing challenge. At Stage Academy Jrs we see every child as an individual and strive daily to celebrate their success!

stage academy stars reporting

Regular feedback and contact with parents is integral to our classes. Your principal is always happy for an informal catch up about your child’s progress whether that be at class, on the phone or via email. Additionally, we have a thorough reporting program in place to keep you informed this includes.

Weekly Class Email

You can expect an email after every class letting you know what we focused on, what activities took place and anything you might need to know to be ready to make the most of the next week’s class.

Termly Stage Academy Stars Report

Your termly report lets you know about three amazing achievements your child has made in that term as well as one area for improvement to focus on next.

Yearly Stage Academy Stars Report

Your yearly report goes into lots of detail about your child’s progress in each of our five key Stage Academy Stars areas. It details your child’s successes and areas for improvement thoroughly and lets you know how you can support their Stage Academy Jrs journey at home too.

Stage Academy Star of the Week

Each week we have a star of the week. Someone who has done brilliantly in class. It could be for any reason. The children aspire to take home that star of the week certificate to show to their family and friends.

Special Success Stickers

We love it when children go above and beyond in class, make a breakthrough with something they have been finding really tough or simply catch us off guard with their brilliance. Our teachers love nothing more than to recognise this with a special success sticker!

not just a drama class

Stage Academy Jrs is so much more than your average drama class. With industry leading teachers passionate about bringing out the best in your child, specially written themed materials, a unique termly sticker collection to keep your child motivated, Stage Academy Sammy our confidence building friend who comes along to all of our classes and so much more. We are also committed to giving every new child a completely free, no-obligation, trial session to ensure our classes are right from them.

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the future

Stage Academy Jrs is here to set your child up for their next step in life, whatever that may be. Should your child wish to pursue performing arts further the class provides a fantastic foundation to move up to one of our main Stage Academy schools once the time comes. If not your child leaves Stage Academy Jrs armed with all the essential life skills that they need to be successful at school and in the future. We would love to speak to you about all the benefits Stage Academy Jrs can bring to your child so please get in touch.