Consistency is key when it comes to engaging young children in a new activity and allowing their creativity and confidence to blossom. All Stage Academy Jrs classes follow the same formula for success.

Our classes are split into four distinct learning experiences taking up roughly a quarter of each class.

Focus, Energise, Amaze and Explore

This core class framework along with our “Weekly Word”, Stage Academy Stars awards, inspiring themes and world class teachers make Stage Academy Jrs an incredible learning experience for 4-6s.

Stage Academy Jrs is all about cultivating skills for life through the power of performing arts. Our unique approach means the class prepares children for whatever life may throw at them, whether or not they wish to pursue the arts in the future.

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A typical class


It is crucial to a successful session that we focus and concentrate on the activities ahead. As such this is our number one priority at the start of the class. In this section we play introductory games to focus the mind as well as name games to get to know our new friends, we also introduce our "Weekly Word" which gives us a new learning experience each week as well as recapping the previous week's adventures.

Everything we do uses imaginative imagery to inspire your child's creativity from the word go!


This part of the class is all about the children amazing themselves at what they are capable of and at certain points in term it is about amazing the parents with our fantastic progress too.

We practice using a clear, articulate and confident voice, expressing our opinions and performing with both style and a sense of fun. This part of the class makes the most of our specially written themed materials ensuring content is always age appropriate and targeted towards success.


Now that our minds are warmed up it is time to energise our bodies. To kick off this section of the class we warm up and stretch out our bodies to ensure they are ready to be used to their full potential.

Then it is time to build self-confidence by expressing ourselves through a variety of movement based games working both independently and as a team.

Children are given leadership opportunities in this part of the class to cultivate their organisational skills.


This part of the class is all about exploring the colourful world of our fantastic termly theme as well as discovering new ideas and challenging the children to think outside of the box - stepping outside of their comfort zone only once they are ready to do so. Stage Academy Sammy leads our adventures and guides the children through the whole class to lead us up to this weekly burst of fun!

Weekly word

The weekly word at Stage Academy Jrs keeps each class fresh and exciting by introducing the children to brand new concepts every week in an incredibly accessible way. Friendship, courage, bullying, fairness, relaxing, expression and intonation are just a few examples of the words we focus on that inform all of the week’s activities. Click on the term below to find out exactly what we will be focusing on and start a conversation with your children at home to continue each week’s topic.

Week One – Friendship – How to introduce ourselves and confidence in social situations.

Week Two – Teamwork – Identifying strengths and weakness while learning the importance of working as a team.

Week Three – Positivity – Ways we can stay positive even when the going gets tough.

Week Four – Sharing – Exploring the ideas of sharing, fairness and generosity.

Week Five – Focus – We explore age appropriate techniques for focus and relaxation.

Week Six – Projection – The difference between projecting and shouting, how we can use a clear voice.

Week Seven – Posture – What is good posture and how can we use it.

Week Eight – Politeness – Why it’s important to be polite and how we can interact with others.

Week Nine – Creativity – Thinking outside the box and loosing our inhibitions.

Week Ten – Confidence – Looking at eye contact, body language and confidence to show off our new skills.

Week Eleven – Preparation – Working as a team to get ready for our end of term show.

Week Twelve – Bravery – Perform our end of term show with bravery but most importantly a sense of fun!

Week Thirteen – Congratulations – A time to celebrate the terms brilliant achievements.

Check back soon to see the summer term Weekly Words!

End of term show

Each term ends with a fabulous yet informal show for our parents based on the terms theme. Scripts are handed out the week before half term giving your child plenty of time to learn their words without making the whole term about putting on a show, at this age it is super important the children see the show as a fun activity and not a source of pressure, this way they will gain the most from the experience.