Each term at Stage Academy Jrs explores an exciting theme, like training in circus school or discovering the fairy tales hidden in an enchanted library all through the eyes of Sammy, our fantastic adventuring friend who embodies the five key Stage Academy Skills.

Our themes are made up of original content with songs, poems and an imaginative script for our termly show written by industry professionals specifically for the Stage Academy Jrs age group. This ensures our classes stay age appropriate and are geared entirely towards unlocking your child’s true potential.

Here you will find more information about what your child will be getting up to both this term and into the future.

Spring Term

Mission Briefing

Calling all Superheroes. Superhero HQ has an important rescue mission and needs your help. The Superhero HQ team have gone missing and without them, no one will be able to save the world.

This term we will start by heading to superhero school to train to be the best superheroes in the world with lovely listening, super speaking and clever confidence. Then it will be time to set off on our mission to rescue the Superhero HQ team and help them to save the world.

Our superheroes will master the Stage Academy Stars by the end of term. This means building Self-confidence, Teamwork skills, Ambition, and Responsibility. All leading to the Success of our top-secret mission.

Mission Logbook

Every child will receive their very own mission logbook on their first official day as a Stage Academy Jrs student this term to keep track of their mission. Every class there is a new sticker to add to their logbook to commemorate their awesome achievements as we build up to our super show – it’s another way we boost engagement in our classes and up the fun factor!

Superpowers are transferable skills!

Not only will your child have marvellous fun saving the world with Sammy and their Stage Academy friends, they will also build crucial skills for life along the way.

It’s not too late to join our tremendous team at Superhero HQ and save the world!

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Super Strength

The inner strength to have confidence in everything we do.

Super Hearing

Listening skills which are crucial for life.

Super Sight

Honing our powers of observation and decision making.

Super Speaking

We speak with confidence, clarity and purpose.

Summer Term

Once upon a time in the enchanted library, the Stage Academy Jrs children came across the infamous ancient book of fairy tales. Hidden within its pages were tales of knights, princesses, wizards, giants, beanstalks and broomsticks. Little did they know that those tales were about to come to life on an incredible learning adventure.

Future Themes

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